D.I.G. Groups

D. I. G. Groups ~ Dedicated Investment for Growth

Dedicated to . . .

Investment for . . .


Growth as a believer doesn’t just happen automatically. Maturity as a Christ follower isn’t directly correlated to our physical age or the length of time we’ve been a Christian. Growth and maturity result from the dedicated, whole-hearted investment of time and energy. This year we desire for everyone, regardless of age, to make a commitment for growth. We would like each attendee of Colville Assembly to choose either a Sunday School class or mid-week study to participate in.

Our growth as believers is encouraged by doing life with others, and we can call on one another to persevere in DIGging. Please prayerfully consider which discipleship group Christ would have you join as part of the family here at Colville Assembly.

D. I. G. your roots deeper in the Word to Grow & Thrive.

Come join us! Strengthen your roots!


Sunday DIGS

Ladies Class: Meets in Room 101. We are currently looking at the Psalms and asking “What if…” questions.  Special missions speaker on November 5th. Contact Pam Beers at the church office for more information (509)684-4721.

Men’s Class: Meets in the Youth Center. Will soon be starting a study on spiritual warfare. Contact Mickey Montgomery at the church office for more information.

Young Men and Young Women’s Classes: Men meet in the lower overflow area, Ladies meet in Room 108. Open to ages 13 and older.

Kids Classes: We have classes available for ages 3 to 12 in our lower level.


Wednesday DIGS

Revolt Youth Group: Meets weekly at the Youth Center located on the corner of Hawthorne and Walnut. Open to all youth ages 12 to 18. Weekly activities include worship, games and a Bible study. Special activities include youth camp, concerts and monthly events. Contact the church office for more information (509)684-4721.

Wednesday Kids: Meets weekly in the lower level of the church. Open to ages 3 to 12.

Prayer Focus: Each week we welcome anyone who has a heart for our church and community to join us for prayer in the church auditorium. We believe that prayer changes lives and encourages each person.